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New FM Global Hot Work Permit App Helps Businesses Manage Fire Risk, Prevent Costly Losses

LONDON, UK – Commercial and industrial property insurer FM Global has launched a first of its kind mobile app to help companies mitigate their exposure to fires resulting from “hot work”— operations that produce flames, sparks and/or heat. While preventable, gross losses from poorly managed hot work cost businesses an average of US$5.1 million per incident and are among the leading causes of commercial property loss every year.

The new FM Global Hot Work Permit App allows users to better manage their risk and their hot work programmes on a mobile device. Such permitting systems provide proven guidelines that are critical to loss prevention as the majority of hot work fires are caused by outside contractors. FM Global’s average fire loss for facilities with well-managed hot work programmes is US$123,000; losses at facilities with poorly managed programmes are on average 41 times greater.

Through the new app, which is available at no cost, facility managers and other users can:

  • create permits and complete a precautions checklist;
  • manage, share and join permits with other app users;
  • create sites to manage multiple locations where hot work is being conducted; and generate a PDF version of permits for printing.

The FM Global Hot Work Permit App is available for Apple, Android and Windows phones in U.S. app stores.

About FM Global

FM Global ( is a US$5.6 billion mutual insurance company whose capital, scientific research capability and engineering expertise are solely dedicated to property risk management and the resilience of its client-owners. In 2015, FM Global celebrates its 180th year in operation; working with many of the world’s largest organisations to develop cost-effective property insurance and engineering solutions to protect their business operations from fire, natural disasters and other types of property risk. In 2015, Global Finance Magazine named FM Global the ‘World’s Best Supply Chain Insurance Provider.’ In the United Kingdom, FM Global is the communicative name for FM Insurance Company Limited.