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FM Global to Sponsor Webcast for CFOs Seeking to Better Manage Their Operational Risk in 2017

“Finance’s Role in Operational Risk Management: CFO Research on Building a Resilient Company” to be held live on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, at 5 p.m. GMT

LONDON, UK —To help CFOs prepare for the coming year, FM Global, one of the world’s largest business property insurers, is sponsoring a one-hour webcast, “Finance’s Role in Operational Risk Management: CFO Research on Building a Resilient Company,” on Wednesday, December 14, 2016, at 5 p.m. GMT.

“Strong risk management is a hallmark of a well-managed company,” said Kevin S. Ingram, senior vice president and chief financial officer, FM Global. “The most progressive CFOs are not only focusing on the connection between risk management and financial performance, but also its link to being a more resilient enterprise.”

The webcast will be hosted by CFO Research Services, the research unit of CFO Publishing Corporation which publishes CFO magazine, and will include a panel discussion by experts focused on:

  • The extent to which CFOs believe their firms need to be more resilient, and whether they have modeled worst-case scenarios or tested recovery plans
  • The explicit connections that CFOs see between revenues/earnings volatility and management of operational risk
  • The operational threats to their business that CFOs see, both currently and emerging over the next two years
  • The extent to which companies have defined loss prevention and mitigation strategies
  • The CFOs’ larger view on the role of finance and the CFO in managing operational risks

Webcast panelists are: Eric Jones, operations vice president and global manager of Business Risk Consulting, FM Global; Amy Brachio, partner, global and Americas advisory risk leader, EY; and Brian Dunch, partner, PwC.

Register at no cost for the webcast here.

About FM Global

Established nearly 200 years ago, FM Global ( is a mutual insurance company whose capital, scientific research capability and engineering expertise are solely dedicated to property risk management and the resilience of its client-owners. FM Global works with many of the world’s largest organisations to develop cost-effective property insurance and engineering solutions to protect their business operations from fire, natural disasters and other types of property risk. FM Global is rated ‘A+’ by Standard & Poor’s, ‘A+’ (Superior) by A.M. Best, and ‘AA’ (Very Strong) by Fitch. In the United Kingdom, FM Global is the communicative name for FM Insurance Company Limited.