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FM Global awards ENKA for outstanding commitment to property loss prevention

FM Global, one of the world's largest commercial and industrial property insurers, has awarded Turkish power generator ENKA, a leading construction and energy company, with a "Highly Protected Risk" award of excellence for the company's outstanding commitment to risk management and property loss prevention. An individual award has been given to its Adapazari, Gebze and Izmir power plants.

The certification recognises the ongoing dedication of ENKA to the reduction of potential loss through its stringent programme of risk mitigation and prevention. It also confirms that ENKA has taken all necessary steps to ensure that the safety equipment and features at their facilities across Turkey have in place the best risk protection practices currently available.

"We are pleased to present ENKA with this award which proves their commitment to long-term business resilience through the reduction of significant risk", said Tom Roche, UK Engineering Manager at FM Global. "By implementing loss prevention measures at each power station, ENKA can have more control over its insurance expenditure. ENKA has demonstrated over the past few years a continuous desire to improve its risk management strategy which, in turn, allows us, over time, to sustain a more accurate premium based on the quality of acceptable risk as opposed to the vagaries of the property insurance market."

Roche described a Highly Protected Risk as "a facility at which the exposure to loss, through all reasonable human element and physical measures, has been reduced to a level acceptable to the client and FM Global."

The three plants, built by Bechtel-ENKA to rigorous standards informed by FM Approvals research, supply approximately 18% of Turkey's power needs and demonstrate exemplary risk management practices. These standards include, among others, excellent equipment maintenance programmes, the implementation of special technologies designed to reduce the risk of fire such as infrared thermography in cooling towers, and the installation of metal shields around potential oil leak points to prevent oil spray fire.

Tahsin Kosem, General Manager and Board Member responsible for operations and maintenance at the ENKA plants added, "We are honoured to be the first power plant in Turkey to be given this award of excellence. Our continued partnership with FM Global has helped us identify and protect against the potential losses incurred by a significant disruption to our operations. By having the appropriate processes in place, we're well placed to ensure our facilities remain online, should we face a critical disruption."

The award was presented to ENKA during a function at the Izmir facility.