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  • Commercial Property Insurer FM Global Creates Dedicated Cyber Risk Engineering and Underwriting Units to Address Growing Concerns of Businesses

Commercial Property Insurer FM Global Creates Dedicated Cyber Risk Engineering and Underwriting Units to Address Growing Concerns of Businesses

LONDON, UK—FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial property insurers, today announced the formation of integrated engineering and underwriting units dedicated to enhancing the company’s expertise in first-party cyber solutions for the benefit of its mutual policyholders.

Carmelina Borsellino, vice president and manager of cyber hazards, will lead the dedicated engineering unit. Her team will work with the company’s research and engineering units to develop location- and account-based assessment standards, tools and methodologies and to assist clients with cyber risk mitigation. Borsellino joined FM Global in 1986 as a field engineer in Montreal. She served in that role for more than 10 years before advancing to engineering field manager in 1997. In 2003, Borsellino was promoted to group manager, field engineering, a position she held until 2013 when she was named business process improvement (BPI) consultant. Borsellino holds a bachelor’s degree in building engineering from Concordia University.

Grace Ries, assistant vice president and manager of cyber risk insurance products, will lead a dedicated unit to develop an underwriting approach and coverage capabilities to meet clients’ needs for first-party cyber solutions. Prior to her current role, Ries was an account manager providing FM Global policyholders in the chemical industry with property insurance consulting and risk management support. She joined FM Global as a consultant engineer in San Francisco after graduating from the University of California, Davis, with a degree in chemical engineering and materials science engineering in 2007.

“Cyber risk is a top-tier business threat in almost every sector, and our focused, integrated engineering and underwriting cyber approach is designed to create a long-term competitive advantage for our policyholders,” said Bret Ahnell, FM Global executive vice president. “Threats can come from malware, disgruntled employees, corporate espionage and yet unknown attack vectors. To ensure our clients remain resilient in the face of evolving cyber hazards, both technology and human threats must be understood and addressed, and these teams will help ensure our clients are protected.”

Since 1999, the FM Global Advantage® policy has covered damage to data whether from a fire or malware, as well as business interruption from a covered cyberattack. Earlier this year, the company expanded its coverage to include interruption of data services, such as those resulting from cloud computing.

About FM Global

Established nearly 200 years ago, FM Global ( is a mutual insurance company whose capital, scientific research capability and engineering expertise are solely dedicated to property risk management and the resilience of its client-owners. FM Global works with many of the world’s largest organisations to develop cost-effective property insurance and engineering solutions to protect their business operations from fire, natural disasters and other types of property risk. FM Global is rated ‘A+’ by Standard & Poor’s, ‘A+’ (Superior) by A.M. Best, and ‘AA’ (Very Strong) by Fitch. In the United Kingdom, FM Global is the communicative name for FM Insurance Company Limited.