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  • 2018 FM Global Resilience Index ranks the countries with the most resilient business environments outside the European Union

2018 FM Global Resilience Index ranks the countries with the most resilient business environments outside the European Union

LONDON, UK—The potential commercial opportunities for United Kingdom businesses following the UK’s planned departure from the European Union (EU) can be found within the 2018 FM Global Resilience Index , released today.

The annual index, now in its fifth year, ranks 130 countries and territories based on the resilience of their business environments.

Countries within the European Union continue the trend of ranking highly, with Sweden (ranked 3), Germany (ranked 5), Austria (ranked 6), Denmark (ranked 7), and France (ranked 12),  all featuring in the top 20 when measuring the resilience of their business environments.

For UK businesses looking to identify potential commercial opportunities following the UK’s departure from the EU, the Resilience Index also provides data which highlights the most resilient countries outside of the European Union (EU). These countries include: the United States ranked 9, 10, and 15 based on three regions of significantly different natural hazard exposure, Canada ranked 13, Australia ranked 17, Hong Kong ranked 19 and New Zealand ranked 23. These countries all rank well for multiple drivers of a country’s resilience, including productivity, natural hazard risk quality, control of corruption, and political risk.

The United Kingdom ranked 18.

A country’s overall Resilience Index ranking is based on 12 drivers of resilience drawn from data sources such as the World Bank, IMF, United Nations, as well as data collected by property risk engineers at FM Global, one of the world’s largest commercial and industrial property insurers.

The index reflects data related to economics, natural hazards and supply chains, and addresses deep concerns about business risks such as cyberattacks, political upheaval, fire and hurricanes. Resilience, the flipside of risk, means resisting business disruption and rebounding quickly if it occurs.

Top 20 Most Resilient Countries Outside the EU

Switzerland (1)  Singapore (28)
Norway (4) United Arab Emirates (33)
United States (9,10,15) Israel (34)
Canada (13) Botswana (38)
Australia (17) Malaysia (40)
Hong Kong (19) Taiwan (41)
Qatar (20) South Africa (42)
New Zealand (23) South Korea (44)
Japan (24) Chile (45)
Iceland (25) Uruguay (46)


The Resilience Index is available online at no cost, and provides global business executives powerful intelligence to manage their organisation’s risks. This intelligence can support decisions about where to locate facilities, how to manage various physical and non-physical risks, what partners should be selected, and indicates geographical differences in resilience.
“Since the Brexit vote, many commentators and corporate decision makers have discussed where, outside of the EU, UK businesses could be aiming to conduct business,” said Adriano Lanzilotto, Vice President, Client Service Manager, London Operations. “The FM Global Resilience Index indicates that countries in the so-called Anglosphere possess the most resilient business environments. Outside of this group of countries, nations such as Qatar (ranked 20), Japan (ranked 24) and Iceland (ranked 25) also rank highly”.

The index was produced for FM Global by analytics and advisory firm Pentland Analytics Index sources, methodology, graphics and video can be found, here.

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