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How COVID-19 related remote working has changed the future of cyber resilience
15 July 2020 | Continuity Central
With remote-working becoming the norm for many organisations, the exposures they face from cyber-risk has changed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article for Continuity Central, Tiago Dias provides his expertise around the future of cyber resilience and the required response to the issues raised by COVID-19.
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Mitigating the risks of re-tooling
06 July 2020 | StrategicRISK
In this StrategicRISK feature, FM Global and its client, the HARTMANN Group, discuss how the companies worked together to manage the re-tooling of operations made necessary by COVID-19.
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CEOs underprepared for climate risk, survey finds
17 June 2020 | Commercial Risk Europe
Just 23% of global CEOs and CFOs said their company is prepared for the financial impacts of climate risk, according to a survey conducted by FM Global. More information can be found in this feature from Commercial Risk Europe
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